How We Work

Our Approach Gets Results

Designed to Grow Your Business

We love numbers & strategy just as much as design. (Maybe more.)

When it comes down to it, business owners aren't looking for marketing or design services; you want business growth. The REX team understands the real-world landscape of business ownership and management. Every project, no matter how big or small, begins with Brand Discovery and a deep understanding of your functional requirements. You might be surprised how much we seek to understand but, in order to sit at the table with your expertise and add value, we have a lot of catching up to do! And, though beautiful design is an important tool, REX designers always let function inspire form, and not the other way around.


Rethink + Reframe

Because you can't see the picture when you're in the frame, we help you take your brand forward by coming at it from an outside perspective.

You are a leader in your industry, in part, because of your experience. But experience also creates blind spots. We help you get results by brining an outside perspective, uncovering the uniqueness you may take for granted, and reframing your value in ways that impact with your customer.